Visual Studio 2011 ALM

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Video #1 - Getting Started with VS  and TFS 11

In this video we will introduce the Visual Studio 11 and Team Foundation Server 11, which Microsoft had recently announced and made available for download in developer preview form. We will examine and focus on core features and functionality that Microsoft has announced publicly, and thus although the product may change as it enters further development stages our video examples will be lightly impacted. In video 1 we will install and configure our TFS 11 environment.  

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Video #2 - TFS 11 Version Control (changed)

In this video we will introduce the various version control changes in TFS 11. Version control has changed considerably since previous versions of Team Foundation Server, and Microsoft has moved the version control to better compete with distributed version control systems and support better scenarios for offline development. We will go over the key new concepts in this video so you can be efficient working with the new version control model.  

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Video #3- TFS 11 -Team Explorer (Overhauled)

In this video we will introduce the new team explorer in VS TFS 11 which has some big changes. Team explorer is a key component for visual studio developers and navigation TFS work items, source control, pending changes, and more. New features like “code review” and “suspend work” have been added to enhance developer productivity. The new team explorer also has many improved async type behaviors and performance enhancements, further making the user experience better than previous versions. After this video you should be comfortable navigating and working with the next generation of team explorer!  

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Video #4 - TFS 11 -Team Web Access (Overhauled)

In this video we will introduce the new team web access tool for team foundation server. Team Web Access is a useful tool for managing team foundation server artifacts in a browser. You can do many of the same operations you can do via team explorer like work items, build, source control operations, etc. via Team Web Access. The new team web access is a modern rich MVC web application that supports intuitive gestures. The tool is also aimed at project managers, analysts, or other roles that need backlog management capabilities like scrum boards and capacity planning.  

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Video #5 - TFS 11 -Team Web Access (Managing Product Backlog)

In this video we will introduce the new ALM features that Team Web Access enables for product backlog management. Microsoft made a big investment in improving the project management experience by giving iterations start and end dates, and enabling features such as task boards and real time reporting. Team Web Access provides a fast modern UX for managing work items in TFS 11. We will examine creating teams and setting up a sprint so we can demo some of the new features in this video.  

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